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Neuroscience Graduate Program at UCSF

2013-2014 Formal Seminar Schedule

2013-2014 Formal Seminar Schedule

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.
The first seminar will be on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

Seminars will be held at Mission Bay Campus.

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Date / Location

Speaker and Title

Host and Sponsor

September 5-6, Thursday and Friday
Rosh Hashanah
September 13-14, Friday and Saturday
Yom Kippur
September 22-24, Sunday through Tuesday
Neuroscience Retreat at Asilomar
September 25
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Tomomi Shimogori

"Btbd3 Controls Dendrite Orientation Toward Active Axons"

Roger Nicoll

October 3
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Alex Kolodkin
Johns Hopkins

"Molecular mechanisms underlying the establishment of neural connectivity"

John Rubenstein

October 24
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Nicholas Hatsopoulos
University of Chicago

"Spatio-temporal patterning in motor cortex"

Edward Chang

October 31
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Gary Westbrook
Oregon Health & Science University

"Using adult-generated newborn neurons to probe microcircuits in the hippocampus"

Neuroscience Students


November 7 and 14, NO SEMINAR
Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, CA Nov. 9-13

November 21
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Ehud Isacoff
UC Berkeley

"Optical control of glutamate receptor signaling: spatio-temporal gating of synaptic plasticity"

Lily Jan

November 28-29, Thursday and Friday
Thanksgiving Holiday


December 5
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Shihab Shamma
University of Maryland

"Cortical processes for navigating complex acoustic environments"

Edward Chang
December 12
Genentech Hall Auditorium

Marla Feller
UC Berkeley

"Dynamic reconfiguration of retinal circuits: development of and adaptation in direction-selective circuits"

David Copenhagen

December 19 and 26 - NO SEMINAR
Christmas Holiday


January 9

Genentech Hall Auditorium

James Surmeier
Northwestern University

"Not designed to last: Physiological determinants of neuronal vulnerability in aging and Parkinson's disease"

Ken Nakamura

January 16

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Jacqueline Crawley
UC Davis

"Mouse models of autism to test hypothesis about causes and to discover medical treatments"

Linda Noble

January 23

Genentech Hall Auditorium

John Maunsell

"Attention, correlated spiking and normalization in monkey visual cortex"

Philip Sabes

January 30

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Guoping Feng

"Dissecting synaptic circuitry mechanisms of Psychiatric disorders"

Robert Edwards

February 13
Admissions Week - No Seminar

February 20
Admissions Week - No Seminar

February 27
Admissions Week - No Seminar


March 6

Rock Hall Auditorium

Leo Belluscio

"Understanding Neural Circuit Plasticity in the Mammalian Olfactory System"

Stavros Lomvardas

March 13

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Josh Gordon
Columbia University

"Limbic-cortical interactions in psychiatric disease models"

Michael Stryker

March 20

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Marina Picciotto
Yale University

"Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: distinct roles in feeding behavior and corticothalamic neuronal development"

Howard Fields

March 27
Cesar Chavez Holiday


April 3

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Virginia Lee
University of Pennsylvania

"Transmission of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Common Mechanism of Disease Progression"

Eric Huang

April 10

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Charles Zuker
Columbia University

"Receptors, Neurons, and Circuits: The Biology of Mammalian Taste"

Neuroscience Students

April 17

Rock Hall Auditorium

Michael Platt
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

"Neural Circuits for Complex Social Behavior"

Loren Frank

April 24

Rock Hall Auditorium

Stephen Strittmatter
Yale University

"Pathways of Synaptic Toxicity of Aß Oligomers in Alzheimer's Disease"

Katerina Akassoglou


May 15

Rock Hall Auditorium

Chris Moore
Brown University

"Intelligent Design versus Survival of the Fittest: Optimal Neocortical Representation for Enhancing Perception"

Andrea Hasenstaub

May 22

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Ardem Patapoutian
The Scripps Research Institute

“How do you feel? Ion channels that sense force”

Allan Basbaum

May 29

Genentech Hall Auditorium

Edward Chang



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